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Why am I being charged?

It sounds like you've subscribed to one of our subscription plans. As a subscription service, your account will renew based on your selected cycle.

Why am I getting a recurring charge?

If you're receiving a recurring charge, it means you signed up for one of our subscription plans. All plans renew automatically, so we give you a heads up about this prior to starting your plan. You can manage your renewal at any time from your settings page.

What plan am I currently on?

You can view your plan details and contract dates in your Subscription Settings. Access your billing invoices here.

Why was I charged after my trial?

We do offer trials where you can try Twenty20 photos for free, but at the end of these trial periods, the subscription automatically continues at the plan rate you selected upon checkout (unless you cancel beforehand). We give you a heads up about this when you sign up for the trial.

Don't wish to continue with the subscription? You can cancel at any time so that you are no longer billed at the end of your current contract cycle.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged at the start of the next contract period and will still have access to your remaining credits up until then. We cannot issue refunds for cancellations made past your renewal date.

Why was I charged after canceling the subscription?

If you get a Twenty20 charge after canceling your subscription, there are a couple possible reasons you may still be getting charged:

  1. You may have canceled the subscription past your renewal date. When you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged at the start of the next contract period. We cannot issue refunds for cancellations made on or past your renewal date. Please refer to your Subscription Settings for contract dates, billing cycles, and credit cycles.
  2. It’s possible you didn’t fully cancel. Check your Subscription Settings to be sure your subscription has been cancelled (auto renew: Off). Please note: We are not able to process any changes to your account requested through our marketing or newsletter emails. Be sure to cancel through the website in order to ensure your subscription is fully cancelled.
  3. You may have cancelled an annual subscription that's billed monthly. When you cancel an annual contract billed monthly plan, you turn off auto-renew on the annual contract but not the monthly billing. Please refer to your Subscription Settings for contract dates and billing cycles.
  4. You may have a second account with Twenty20. In these cases, we suggest checking your email inboxes to see if you have any Twenty20 emails. After logging in to any additional accounts, you can refer to your Subscription Settings to be sure you do not have any active Twenty20 subscriptions.
  5. Your account may have been in past due. Sometimes we are unable to collect payment upon your renewal and collect at a later date. If you cancel and still owe payments, we will continue to try to collect for any owed payments. If you need to update your payment method so that you can be removed from collections, you can do so here.
  6. Don't recognize the charge? It's possible another member from your team set up an account. If not, we can help you locate the account associated with the charge by submitting your request here.


Can I receive a refund if I have not downloaded photos during the subscription?

Because we are a subscription service, we do require cancellation prior to your renewal date if you do not want to be charged.

Learn more about our refund policy or submit a request for refund on your account here.




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