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How to Start Selling Photos

Selling photos is easy and free! Follow these 4 simple steps to help you sell more photos on Twenty20:

1. Upload Photos You Own


Every photo you upload is automatically available for sale. Don't worry, you always own the rights to your photos.

Don't know what to upload? Our customers love authentic lifestyle photos of everyday people.
Try uploading photos of one these popular topics to get started:

  • People and Lifestyle
    ex: diverse people, friends, couple, happy, selfie, woman, people, community, portrait, lifestyle...
  • Family
    ex: family, baby, kids, mom, pregnant, dog...
  • Home
    ex: home, kitchen, bed, house, interior design...
  • Travel
    ex: travel, beach, car, driving, nature, hotel, road trip, pool...
  • Health and Fitness
    ex: yoga, fitness, doctor, running, sleep, spa, meditation, health, gym, exercise...
  • Technology
    ex: social media, technology, computer, laptop, phone...
  • Modern Business
    ex: business, office, meeting, small business, work, data, marketing, team, conference, desk, business woman...
  • Food and Drink
    coffee, food, cooking, wine, beer, restaurant, ice cream...
  • Money
    ex: shopping, money, finance...
  • Fashion
    ex: fashion, beauty, hair, makeup...
  • Activities and Events
    ex: party, wedding, concert, music, football...
  • Education
    ex: college, school, graduation, teacher, reading...
  • Holidays and Seasonal lifestyle
    ex: summer, spring, fall, winter, Christmas, Thanksgiving...
  • Backgrounds and photos with a dominant color palette
    ex: background, pink...

Learn more about the types of photos you should upload here.


2. Add Relevant Keywords


No one can buy your photos if they can't find them! Help customers discover your best new shots by adding relevant and descriptive keywords.

When keywording your photos, try to put yourself in the customer's shoes: What keywords would I (the customer) use to find this photo?

Learn more about how to keyword your photos here.


3. Get Model Releases


Did you know photos with model releases are 2x more likely to sell?

That's because getting model releases for the people in your photos helps increase your chances of being cleared for commercial use. While customers are able to always buy your photos under editorial use, most customers require photos to be commercially cleared. Photos with people require a model release in order to be cleared for commercial use. Which means more sales and more money for your great photos.

Learn more about how to get model releases here.


4. Learn What's Selling and Keep Uploading!


Keeping a pulse on what’s in demand is a great way to find inspiration for what to shoot. Here's how to find out what customers want:


Challenges are the best way to see what topics are in demand. Make sure to read the creative brief for each challenge to learn what customers are looking for. Enter your photo and vote for your favorites for a chance to win money or to be added into one of our Curated Collections. Curated Collections are put in front of customers who are ready to buy photos of a particular topic.

Enter your best photos in this week's challenges!


What's Selling

You can checkout what's selling right now in the Highlights Feed on your Home screen in both our iOS and website. As you make more and more sales, you'll start to learn what types of photos sell best in your gallery.

Also, check out what's in demand from buyers.


Haven't sold yet? Don't be discouraged! The best thing you can do is keep uploading more great photos and learn what's selling in your gallery over time. What works for one photographer doesn't always for another. Follow challenge topics and our email newsletters for inspiration. Otherwise, just keep trying something new and see what sticks!


Photos by top seller @criene

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