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2021 Dashboard Update FAQs

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Below are some answers for frequently asked questions. We will continue to update this article as needed.

Why the change?

Overall, your 2021 Dashboard update is a result of Twenty20 now integrating more deeply with Envato's larger ecosystem of products. We are now able to show through all of your photos that are contributing to your earnings as a result of this integration work with Envato Elements customers. We've also needed to make some changes based on technical limitations.


How am I now notified that I have sold photos?

Your dashboard will update roughly each hour to show updates to your Top Earning Photos, both for the current month and overall. 

We will send you a weekly notification to check out updates to your top earning photos, if you have earned more in the last week.


I haven't received any "You Made a Sale" notifications recently. What's up?

As we're now integrating more with Envato's ecosystem of products, we can no longer support individual notifications when you sell. Instead, you'll receive a weekly notification to check out updates to your dashboard.

We're planning more improvements so that you can better see your trending photos, share your success with your friends & family, and more. Stay tuned.


Have I been paid for all of the photos I see in my Top Earning Photos?

Yes, always! (The only exception is if the photo was recently sold and is due to be paid in our next payout)

In recent months, we've started making some of the photos on Twenty20 available directly to customers on Envato Elements, and our first priority was to make sure you were paid for any of these earnings without delay. Now that we see it's working, we're excited to have improved our integration to show you more of the details of what's succeeding with customers going forward.

With recent growth the Twenty20 community is earning more each month than ever before, contributing to Envato recently reaching the milestone $1 billion in community earnings.


I just got a bunch of new Honors for Sold Photos. Why?

As we've been integrating with Envato, you may have recently sold some photos which you have already been paid for, but that we were unable to show the Honor for until now with our improved integration.

We just took a pass to catch you up and make sure all of the photos you've sold had the correct Honor awarded. Congrats! 


Why do I see my earnings as "pending"?

Earnings are only able to be calculated at the end of each month based on our Subscriber Share calculation.


Why do I need to add Titles?

Titles are very important to help our search engine return your photos for the most relevant search results from customers. If you want to sell more, make sure to write accurate, descriptive Titles for your photos.

Tip: Using the "Add a Title" prompt from your Top Selling Photos is a great way to make sure that you're prioritizing your efforts towards your best photos which have the most potential.


How do I earn more with Twenty20?

Focus on uploading high-quality photos that can be commercially cleared, make sure to add accurate metadata, and participate in the T20 community. iOS: Check out the Tips & Tricks from your dashboard to read a guide on how to sell with Twenty20. And keep your eye out for new opportunities to tap into customer demand coming soon.

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