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What's in demand from buyers?

Using customer search data and trends analysis, we have summarized the themes that represent the Best Opportunities for having your photos used by customers. For these themes, we compared where we see a lot of searches from customers to where we also do not currently have very many photos.

Please Note:

  • The list is not comprehensive. There are many more things that customers are looking for, and we will be adding in more details on opportunities over time.
  • Make sure you're adding accurate descriptive, unique Titles and Keywords so that customers can find your photos in search



Quick Links for In-Depth Data:

- Top Search Terms by Buyers

- Trending Opportunities
Data last updated: December 23rd, 2021 (monthly updates planned)


Top Search Terms by Buyers

Here is a raw look at what customers are searching for recently and our projection of what will be popular soon to help you plan ahead.

Tip: There are multiple tabs, so click around to explore.



Hottest Opportunities

Here's a look at search terms that are trending in popularity recently. For a particularly strong opportunity to be seen by customers, take a look at the "Hard to Find" searches. We don't have many results for these searches, so photos that you add will have a strong chance to stand out.

Reminder: Always add relevant keywords to your photos to help make sure customers see accurate search results and want to keep coming back to find your photos on Twenty20.



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