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Beta: Learn about Promoted Photos

Promoted Photos is a new, invite-only opportunity to give successful photographers on Twenty20 a direct pathway to submit their photos to be quickly reviewed and potentially shown to more buyers.

Every Promoted Photo will earn you points towards Bonus Cash.


Please note:

  • Promoted Photos is in Beta, so there could still be bugs, rough edges, etc. We'll be continuing to improve this experience. To help us learn, please share any feedback/questions here.

  • Promoted Photos is now available in our iOS app and on the website at

  • Additional information about Customer Requests and the ability to earn multipliers on points are currently only available in iOS. Coming soon to the website.

How will Promoted Photos be shown to more buyers?

Promoted Photos will be given more weight in Twenty20's search, may be added to featured Curated Collections, and also may be distributed for more customers to directly license on Envato's other shopfronts like Elements or Placeit.

I've been invited, now what do I need to do?

Welcome! Now you can get started submitting directly to Twenty20's Curators. Familiarize yourself with what's in demand from buyers, then upload/submit your photos that haven't yet seen the success on Twenty20 that they deserve.

Pro Tip: Avoid wasting submissions by submitting photos that have already sold, won Challenges, or been added to the Signature Collection as those photos are already prioritized to be shown to more buyers.


I've submitted photos. What happens now?

Your submissions will be Pending until they are reviewed by our Curators for our quality standards and if still needed also reviewed for Commercial Use. This is estimated to take less than 7 days. As soon as one of your pending photos is reviewed, it will open up that slot for you to be able to submit a new photo. We will notify you if your photo is approved to be Promoted.
(Currently notifications are only sent as push notifications for iOS users. Email notifications will be coming in the future)


How do I earn points and bonus cash?

Every Promoted Photo accepted will earn you points. You'll earn $10 cash for every 100 points that you accumulate through your Promoted Photos.

Some topics may have a multiplier (2x,3X, etc.). Your photo must be submitted before the stated deadline to be eligible for the multiplier. Only on-topic submissions will receive the additional points.

The fine print:

Authors must allow items to remain on Twnenty20 for a least twelve (12) months after publication. The payment will be made in accordance with our standard payment processes. If required by law, we may deduct or withhold taxes, such as withholding taxes, prior to payment to you. This payment cannot be combined with any other inventive offers unless otherwise stated. Twenty20 reserves the right to stop, modify, or extend the program at any time.

How does my approval rate and submission limit work?

We will start tracking your approval rate once your first 10 submissions have been reviewed. 

At the start, you can submit up to 10 photos at any given time. Once one photo has been reviewed, you will free up a spot to submit one more. With a high approval rate, you can earn additional submissions to increase your submission limit. Please be thoughtful with your submissions. A very low approval rate may lead to a decreased submission limit.

What's the difference between a "General Submission" and submitting to a specific topic?

All submissions will be reviewed with the same standards. Submissions to a specific topic will additionally judged for being on-topic. On-topic Promoted Photos will be added to a collection and may be eligible to earn additional points if that topic has a featured multiplier.

What are the criteria that submissions will be judged by?

The main things we're looking for in your submissions are:

  • High-quality, unique, and engaging
    Great photos tell a story, evoke a mood, and stand out. Don't worry too much about technical perfection. We'd rather see an expressive, authentic photo with soft focus than a pixel-perfect, bland image.
  • In-demand and unseen
    New uploads, hidden gems, and photos in demand are most valuable. Learn about what buyers search for and what's hard to find.
  • Eligible for Commercial Clearance
    Photos pending Commercial Clearance will be fast-tracked to be cleared if they are eligible. Photos that cannot be Commercially Cleared will be rejected.

Other common rejection reasons:

  • Over-editing
    Photos are most useful to buyers when there is room for the buyer to apply their own edits to fit the style of their brand of project. Avoid heavy-vignetting, over-sharpened, over-saturated, selective color highlights on black and white photo, etc.
  • Too generic/over-photographed
    For example, we don't need any more photos of generic sunsets or flowers. Tip: Including people is the simplest way to give your photos a unique edge.
  • Too similar to your other submissions
    Do not re-submit or submit near-identical photos from the same shoot. Filter down to pick your favorites that provide a diversity of useful shots to buyers.

How should I choose which photos to submit?

Think of Promoted Photos as a tool for you to get more photos shown to buyers. So for the most impact, focus on submitting photos that haven't yet seen the success on Twenty20 that they deserve.

We recommend uploading new photos to fit what's in demand from buyers or searching within your gallery to find recent uploads that deserve more exposure.

Can I see some examples of accepted/rejected submissions?

Here are some examples along with an explanation from our Curation team:

Example 1: Commercially Cleared
coffee-approved.jpeg coffee-reject.jpeg
This photo uses framing and depth of field to focus on only including the recognizable people that the photographer could get model releases for. 

This photo also avoids logos, etc.
This photo cannot be commercially cleared due to the logo of the cafe.

Also, there are recognizable patrons inside the restaurant that you may not be able to get a model release for.


Example 2: Unique / Over-photographed
flowers-accepted.jpeg flowers-rejected.jpeg
We will accept particularly unique and interesting photos of any subject matter. While these flowers are very nice, photos like this are a dime a dozen. 


Example 3: Too similar to other submissions
coffee-approved-2.jpegcoffee-approved-3.jpegcoffee-approved-1.jpeg car-rejected-2.jpegcar-rejected-3.jpegcar-rejected-1.jpeg
Here the positions are different enough that there is unique value to the photos. We would approve all 3.

A good rule of thumb is to be able towrite unique Titles for the photos because they have a different focus.
We will approve 1 version at most of submissions that are just edits of the same photo or very similar.

Choose the best photos from a series to submit.

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