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Types of Photos You Should (& Should Not) Post

Our mission is to empower you, the photographer, to gain exposure and sales for your photography. There are few key guidelines to keep in mind when taking and submitting photos that will greatly increase your chances of success with sales.

Photos You Should Post: 

  • High-resolution photos: Customers are always looking for high-resolution photos which is why large high-res photos have the highest chances of being sold. Larger file sizes also capture more vibrant colors. Any image bigger than 2800x2100px is considered a large photo.
  • Photos of people: Brands love to buy images of real people in order to provide an authentic face to their brand. All images of people must have the individual permission of each person in the shot given in order to be eligible for commercial use. For more info on asking permission, check this out.
  • No watermarks, brands, or logos: Customers cannot purchase an image for commercial use that has markings from any other entity, such as the Nike Swoosh on someone’s clothing or the McDonalds Golden Arches on a billboard in the background of your shot.
  • Aspect ratios: While square photos might be nice for other platforms, we always recommend uploading the full non-cropped version of your photo. This way customers can always crop the photo themselves if they need to.
  • Accurate and relevant keywords: Providing a caption and keywords that describe your photo well will help the right customers find your photo when they are searching. To learn how to Keyword Like A Pro, click here.
  • Not overly edited: Customers are looking to use your authentic photos in the way that they need it. Editing photos too much can corrupt the number of possible uses that a more raw version may have been great for. You can always upload two versions of the image. If you upload a black & white photo, it is best to upload the color version of it too. 


Photos You Should NOT Post: These photos (or galleries) can be removed by the Twenty20 Team.

  • Photos that you did not take yourself or do not own the rights to
  • Nudity of anyone under 18
  • Gratuitous shots of genitalia and blatant pornography
  • Dead animals (non-natural setting)
  • Self-harm, violence, or abuse that doesn’t appear to be staged

    Want more helpful insight? Check out the Signature Collection and the Sold Feed to see what people are buying today. 


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