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The Signature Collection

The Signature Collection showcases the most sellable photos to buyers.

Photos selected for the Signature Collection are featured for all photography lovers and buyers to see. Additionally, Signature Collection photos get premium search placement, which means more potential buyers see them.

Eligible photos must be >1 megapixel (1000x1000 px). If you are using a previously uploaded photo, you may need to upsize to be eligible.     

Where can I view the Signature Collection?

You can view the Signature Collection photo feed in the home page of our iPhone app or website.

How do photos get into the Signature Collection?

Photos are nominated for the Signature Collection by photographers on Twenty20. Each photographer is allowed to nominate a maximum of 3 photos every 24 hours. A photographer cannot nominate their own photo. Only one nomination is needed for your photo to be considered for the Signature Collection. Once your photo is nominated, it is then put in front of the Twenty20 Editor Team, who make the final selections. 

How do I nominate a photo?

On the iPhone app, click into a photo you think deserves to be in the Signature Collection and select the “Nominate” button at the bottom of the page. Or click the "Nominate" button below the photo in your Following feed.

Remember, you should be nominating photos that feel unique, like real life moments, and tell a story. 



What Photos Get Selected? Find out here

You'll be notified if your photo was selected for inclusion. Only the most sellable photos are selected for inclusion. To learn more about what types of photos get selected, check out this post from the Editors. If your photo was not selected we encourage you to keep uploading your other photos - each new photo has a chance to get discovered!

When will I be notified if my photo was selected?

You'll be notified right away if your photo was selected for inclusion. Because we manually vet photos in-house, we cannot give a specific turnaround time for when you'll hear back regarding the status of your nominated photo. We encourage you to keep uploading your other photos and entering challenges - each new photo has a chance to get discovered!





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