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How to get paid for your sales

There are 2 steps to setting up your account to get paid: 

1. Connecting PayPal

When you make a sale on Twenty20 we will send your commission to your Paypal account. Make sure you've connected your Paypal to Twenty20 to receive your payment. Follow these steps:

In the app:

  • Navigate to your gallery and choose the gear icon in the top left
  • Select "Paypal Email Address"
  • Enter in the email address associated with your existing Paypal account
  • Click "Update" before leaving the screen

On the website:

  • Click your username in the top right, and choose "Settings"
  • Scroll down to the "Photographer Payment" section and click "Edit"
  • Enter in the email address associated with your existing Paypal account
  • Click "Save"

2. Confirm details for payment processing

Once you make your first sale, you'll be prompted to provide some more information including your physical address so that we can process your payment. This helps make sure we're paying the right person and can process taxes in accordance with applicable laws.




What if PayPal isn't available in my country?

We will continue to try and send payments to your PayPal each month until you're able to claim it. Once PayPal is available in your country, you will receive any earnings you have accrued through then. We do not currently offer any other payment methods other than PayPal at this time.

Do I still get paid if I add my PayPal email after I've made a sale?

Yes! Once you connect your PayPal email, we will send you any earnings you have accrued through then. Keep in mind, we send payments once every month on the date as described in this FAQ, so it may take some time to see the earnings in your PayPal account.

If you change your PayPal email on file from another PayPal email, we will send any uncollected payments to the most recently connected PayPal account.

Help! What if I'm not receiving payments to my PayPal?

If you've already connected your PayPal email to your Twenty20 account and have provided your details for payment processing, your account is set up correctly and eligible to receive payouts.

If you are still not receiving payments on the scheduled payout dates, please contact PayPal's help center to sort out your PayPal account.


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