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Upsize (or Replace) Your Photos

Customers are interested in high quality photos that can be viewed in a variety of ways. Many websites and advertisements also need a high resolution image to suit their needs. You may want to upsize or replace your photo if your photo is small, has watermarks, or has borders.

Please noteReplacing your photo with a larger file size or non-watermarked, borderless image, will not affect your honors or placements in challenges. It only increases your chances of selling!

These are the minimum resolutions for each size:

If you have a larger version of your photo than the one you've posted on Twenty20 you can "upsize" the photo for better selling potential.

On the iPhone app:

  • Navigate to your gallery and choose the photo you want to upsize
  • Tap on 'Edit Photo' and then tap on 'Replace' next to the photo's size
  • A screen will pop up that says 'Select Album' with all of your phone's photo album's listed. Select which album your photo is in.
  • Choose from your camera roll (or any other photo album) the largest version of the photo that you have
  • Click "replace" in the top right corner of the screen and you'll now have the larger version of the photo on Twenty20!




On the website:

  • Click your Username in the top right of the navigation bar and choose "Profile" from the drop-down menu
  • Click on any photo you wish to edit
  • Underneath the photo, click the "Edit" button
  • To Upsize or Replace your photo, scroll down & click the "Replace Photo" button
  • Before returning to your public gallery, click the "Done" button


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