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Who is purchasing photos?

Customers are designers, marketers, advertisers, art and creative directors, other professionals, and sometimes people just like you! They’re using Twenty20 to find amazing imagery for whatever project they're working on (blog posts, social media, website articles, email newsletters, etc).

We have a lot of customers, so finding where one photo ended up isn’t something we actively track down. But, we have a customers page so you can get a sense of where your photos might be. Check it out:


Steps To Get Your Photos Ready

Customers will use the search functionality on Twenty20 to find photos, so you need to make sure that your photos have good descriptions and keywords so they will get found.  

Depending on the nature of their project, they might really need a high-resolution photo - make your photos as large as possible!

They will be looking for high-quality photos of people, so make sure you've gotten permission from people in the photos. 

Most importantly, customers can be looking for different things at different points in time. We run challenges so you know exactly what customers want or need.

Photo by @benmercuri7 

What are they purchasing?

The photos that most customers are searching for are authentic photos of real people in real situations. Photos with people are most likely to sell on Twenty20. Moments that showcase human emotion will be the key to selling your photos. Learn more about the types of photos that sell well on our platform here.

Authentic content that customers look for:

  • Your friends hanging out at the bar, school, various events, the park, etc.
  • Fun shots of families in real-life moments
  • Close up portraits of people who are happy, sad, tired, laughing, etc.
  • Crisp shots of people working out, running, lifting weights, etc.
  • People in a natural work environment
  • Close up photos of animals, pets, etc.
  • Urban, cultural, and environmental shots 

Top keywords customers search for: 

  • People and Lifestyle
    ex: diverse people, friends, couple, happy, selfie, woman, people, community, portrait, lifestyle...
  • Family
    ex: family, baby, kids, mom, pregnant, dog...
  • Home
    ex: home, kitchen, bed, house, interior design...
  • Travel
    ex: travel, beach, car, driving, nature, hotel, road trip, pool...
  • Health and Fitness
    ex: yoga, fitness, doctor, running, sleep, spa, meditation, health, gym, exercise...
  • Technology
    ex: social media, technology, computer, laptop, phone...
  • Modern Business
    ex: business, office, meeting, small business, work, data, marketing, team, conference, desk, businesswoman...
  • Food and Drink
    coffee, food, cooking, wine, beer, restaurant, ice cream...
  • Money
    ex: shopping, money, finance...
  • Fashion
    ex: fashion, beauty, hair, makeup...
  • Activities and Events
    ex: party, wedding, concert, music, football...
  • Education
    ex: college, school, graduation, teacher, reading...
  • Holidays and Seasonal lifestyle
    ex: summer, spring, fall, winter, Christmas, Thanksgiving...
  • Backgrounds and photos with a dominant color palette
  • ex: background, pink...


Basic steps to make sure customers find your photos:


Can you tell me who purchased one of my photos?

No, unfortunately, we can't disclose that information. If you're interested in learning more about who's using your photos and what they're looking for, look out for the "USERNAME collected your work" notification. This means a customer has saved your photo for later purchase. From there, you can see what types of photos they've collected into their existing collection which might give you an idea of what photos to add next. You can also always scroll through the Sold Photos in the Home feed of the iPhone app to get an idea of what types of photos are selling.


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