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When do I earn from my sales?

We send photographer payments to your PayPal account around the 15th of every month. These payments include any commissions you've earned from photos sold the previous month. 

Note: Now that Twenty20 is part of the larger Envato ecosystem, we need a bit more time each month to calculate earnings. This is why payments will be around the 15th of the month vs. at the beginning of the month like in the past.

How do I get paid?
If you haven't done so already, make sure to connect your PayPal email address and update payment details for your Twenty20 account so that you can receive payments. 

How much do I earn?
Photographers earn a 100% commission from winning Grand Prize Winner or Editor's Pick in photo challenges, and a commission on sales from subscription plans calculated with Subscriber Share. We handle customer support, transaction costs, image curation & legal support (digital licensing). You simply need to add photos, enjoy exposure, and make money!

Help! What if I'm not receiving payments to my PayPal?
If you've already connected your PayPal email to your Twenty20 account and still are not receiving payments on the scheduled payout dates, please contact PayPal's help center to sort out your PayPal account.

Why do the payout dates change every now and then?
Great question! We use PayPal to send payments to your PayPal account once a month. The payout date can sometimes get pushed back due to our hours of operation (M-F, 8am-6pm PST). Our goal is always to send payments as soon as we are able to do so through our PayPal system. We appreciate your patience!

What if I don’t accept my payouts?
After we send out payouts, you have 30 days to collect your earnings from PayPal. If you do not accept during that timeframe, don’t worry, you don’t lose out on your earnings. We run a back pay twice a year and will notify you accordingly.



For more information on how the Twenty20 license works, read our full License Terms.


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