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Understanding Twenty20 Photo Licensing

All photos uploaded to Twenty20 are automatically for sale.

Every photo you upload onto Twenty20 is automatically for sale for editorial use. If there are recognizable people in your photo, a model release is only needed for your photo to be eligible for commercial use. Your photos will eventually see the eyes of one of our photo editors who have been rigorously trained in the legal nuances of clearing images for different types of licensing. 


Do I still own the rights to my photos?

You always keep the rights to your photos, even after they are purchased. This means you can sell the same photo over and over again, anywhere and at any time! And that's exactly what we want to happen- we want you to sell your same photos over and over so you can make the most out of each one (and so that more people can see your work).


Can I submit my photos to other websites?

Unless otherwise noted, our photos are non-exclusive meaning you can publish your photos on other sites. Because of this, we may need to verify that you own the rights to your photos from time to time if we find them elsewhere online.


Licensing a photo under Editorial vs. Commercial Use

Click here for more information on the difference between getting your photo cleared for editorial or commercial use.


How can the buyer use my photo? 

For information on how a Twenty20 photo license works, read our full License Terms.

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