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How To Get A Model Release (Requesting Permission)

Getting a model release on Twenty20 is easy and a great way to boost your sales. Photos with people often are more authentic and are in high demand from customers!
(Learn more about why and when you need a model release here)

At a high-level, to complete a model release you will use our tools with 2 options:

  • Get a separate signature for each individual photo of that model
  • Your model can opt-in to give you permission for all photos you add of them. This feature should simplify your workflow greatly for repeat models because you only need to ask for that one signature.
    New! Now available on our website and iOS app


Please note: We do not currently accept paper or PDF model releases. You can send model releases directly from our iPhone app or website through the instructions below:


How to Request Permission from the App

Follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your gallery & choose the photo that you want to get permission for
  2. Scroll down to see your photos details 
  3. Click 'Edit' next to the People Count
  4. Tap on a person's face or visible body part to tag them
  5. Tap "+Model" to add a new model
  6. Type the Model's name
    • You'll have the option to search your Contacts so that you can easily select the person you know
    • To give permission for yourself or your child, scroll down to view the instructions below
  7. Optional: Provide an email address for the Model
  8. Tap "Save & Get Permission"
  9. Choose to ask via email or to share link
    • If you provided an email address for the model and select the "via email" option, we'll send the model an email on your behalf
    • Tapping "Share Link" will give you options to copy the link or to share directly into iMessages/your preferred messaging app.
  10. You will be notified once the model completes giving permission for the photo.
  11. If you need to resend a request, tap the "3 dots" next to your pending model to view more options

Once you've asked, the model release will be pending until the person has approved the photo for use.








How to Request Permission from the Website:


✨   New Release  ✨
We've just made major updates to the model release flow on the website so that you can re-use model releases, see better statuses, and have more clear requirements for your photos.


  • Navigate to your gallery & choose the photo that you want to get permission for
  • Click "EDIT" (directly below photo)
  • In the sidebar, next to where it says "X People", click "EDIT"
  • Tap to tag a person
  • Create a new model by clicking "+New Model" or choose from your list of models
  • If you have created a new model, you will need to send them a link for a quick e-signature to give their permission. Either click to copy and send through your preferred method, or use the option for us to send them an email on your behalf
  • Once your model release request has been completed we will notify you
  • Once your photo has been reviewed, we will update your view with more specific guidance about the number of releases required for your photo.
  • If you cannot source model release for all of the required people, you can use the checkbox available to indicate that. Those photos will not be able to be Commercially Cleared.



For instructions on how to give permission and sign a model release, click here.






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