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How to add locations to your photos

Customers often search for photos by names of locations (cities, landmarks, and counties) when looking for photos of travel, landscapes, and local lifestyles.

Adding relevant locations to your photos is a great way make more sales by getting discovered by customers looking for those locations.


How to add a location to your photo

On the iPhone app:

Locations can only be added during the photo upload process. This feature is not currently available after uploading the photo.

  • Add a new photo by clicking the middle blue add button in the bottom navigation bar.
  • After selecting the photo, you will be prompted to add a caption and keywords in the next steps.
  • After adding a caption and keywords, you will be prompted in the next step to "Add Location."
  • Click "Add Location" and search for the most relevant location or landmark to describe your photos.
    Hint: Imagine you are the customer looking for this photo, what location might you search for?
    (Examples: "Eiffel Tower" "Paris, France" "France")
  • Select the location from the list and click "POST" to take you to the next step in the photo upload process.

On the website:

Adding locations is currently only available from the iPhone app. In the meantime, you can add location names as keywords to any photo.

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