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Tips for shooting video on your iPhone ⚡

There are a lot of great ways to capture amazing videos on your iPhone. Below you'll find tips on what to shoot and how to get the most out of shooting on mobile.

Start with these 4 simple tips:

✅ Check your camera settings
✅ Stabilize your shot (avoid shaky footage)
✅ Capture videos of people
✅ Explore and shoot often!

Check your camera settings ⚙️

When it comes to shooting video on your iPhone, there's only 2 camera settings you need to know: Resolution and Frame Rate.

  • Resolution is the size and quality of the video (generally the higher the better).
  • Frame Rate (fps) is how many frames your camera is capturing per second.
    At 60fps or higher, you can start to slow down your videos in editing software to achieve smooth, slow-motion videos.

To change your iPhone's camera settings, open Settings > Camera > Record Video.

We recommend shooting with the following camera settings for optimal video quality:

iPhone 8  /  iPhone 8 plus  /  iPhone X
 Type of Video Resolution Frame Rate
 For general videos 4k 30 fps
 For slow-motion videos* 4k 60 fps
 For low-light conditions 1080p 30 fps


iPhone 6  /  iPhone 6 plus  /  iPhone 6s  /  iPhone 6s plus
iPhone SE  /  iPhone 7  /  iPhone 7 plus
 Type of Video Resolution Frame Rate
 For general videos 4k 30 fps
 For slow-motion videos* 1080p 60 fps
 For low-light conditions 1080p 30 fps

*To create a slow-motion video, follow these steps:

  • Open your 60fps video in iMovie on your iPhone
  • Click on the video clip
  • Click the Speed icon
  • Move the slider to 1/2x speed
  • Save your project and save the video to your phone's Camera Roll

✋ Stabilize your video 🤚

One of the best ways to shoot great video is by stabilizing your footage. Today there are a lot of great ways to create smooth, captivating videos. We recommend the following options depending on where you're starting in your videographer journey:

  • Steady your shot. Try to not shake the camera for smooth footage. Or rest your camera on a stable surface!
  • Try shooting with a gimbal. Take your videos to the next level by mounting your mobile camera on a gimbal for buttery smooth motions.
  • Stabilize your existing videos. Level up slightly shaky videos already on your phone by running them through stabilization software on your desktop computer (like in iMovie).
  • Capture footage with a drone. Mount your mobile camera to a drone to shoot smooth aerial or landscape footage.

Capture videos of people 👫

Similar to our photo marketplace, we love videos of people in real life! Shoot videos of people to help your videos stand out.

Explore and shoot often! 📹

The best way to learn how to shoot great video is by shooting often!

Some of the best clips we've seen have come from contributors new to video who are learning new techniques every day.

Whether you're just starting out, or need some inspiration, consider these simple tips for leveling up your videography game:

  • Capture real emotions and experiences
  • Shoot for both vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Explore different angles, environments, and subject matter
  • Capture shots at different distances (close-up to far away)
  • Pay attention to lighting and exposure throughout the shot
  • Check out online tutorials, try out new tools, and look for inspiration!

Video is coming soon to the Twenty20 marketplace! ⚡

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