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What are Collections?

What are Collections?

Collections are an easy way for you to collect and organize Twenty20 photos that you want to save for later viewing and purchase. You should think of a collection as a folder or list of favorites. You can create collections for anything and everything -- save your favorite 'Parenthood' photos or organize the photos you want to use for a campaign.

Types of Collections:

  • Shared Collections are a great way to collaborate and share the photos you find with friends and coworkers.
  • Private Collections are an easy way for you to collect photos privately.
  • Curated Collections are the Twenty20 Photo Editor's curated assortment of high-quality photos that are featured on to buyers.
  • The Signature Collection showcases the best & most sellable photos on Twenty20.


How do I access my Collections?

To view your collections on the app:

  • Go to your gallery and click on 'All Photos'
  • On the dropdown menu, select 'All Collections'
  • Scroll up or down to see all of your collections
  • Click on any collection to view the photos

To view your collections on the web:

  • Click on your username in the top right corner
  • Click on 'My Collections'



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