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Why was my video not selected for the marketplace?

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Find out below why some videos are not selected AND discover insider tips on how to get your next video selected:

Video contains watermarks, titles, or borders

💡 PRO TIP: Remove any of the features above and resubmit!

Video lacks focus, framing, or composition

💡 PRO TIP: Try reframing your subject matter (switch up your distance or camera angle). We love videos that capture real people and experiences, so try moving closer and focus on 1 person or a small group of people.

Video is too general or not a good fit for the marketplace

💡 PRO TIP: While we love flowers, sunsets, beaches, and street performances - these types of videos will not be in high demand in our marketplace. We recommend capturing more intimate, personal videos of real people and experiences. We still welcome landscapes and video without people, but will be highly selective based on quality.

Video is shaky or camera angles change too quickly

💡 PRO TIP: Try slowing down and steadying your shot. For extra stabilization, use a gimbal or drone to capture smooth panning or tracking motions.

Video contains photo or video slideshows

💡 PRO TIP: We recommend uploading uncut videos to your gallery. For this reason, we don't recommend submitting videos with a lot of cuts or editing. While we still welcome some edited video content (such as boomerangs), we will be highly selective based on quality.

We're also not accepting photo slideshows, so please save your photos for our photo marketplace!

Video feels cliché, staged, or not authentic

💡 PRO TIP: Try changing up your location or model (including their actions or wardrobe) to feel more like real life. We certainly still welcome some staged videos, but will be highly selective based on whether the video still feels authentic and current.


Video is coming soon to the Twenty20 marketplace! ⚡

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