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What is a Voting Star 🌟 ?

A Voting Star is a simple guideline for how you can have an impact on the results of a challenge.

Earning a Star 🌟signifies that you've swiped through 100+ photos & your voice is being heard in choosing the winners!

Most challenges have thousands of entries, so we don't expect everyone to vote on every photo. But every vote does count towards helping make sure the best photos win. So, if you're having fun with it, go ahead and keep voting once you earn a Star! 

Why should I earn a Voting Star?

To make sure the best photos win Twenty20's Challenges, your votes are essential! The top voted photos by the community are reviewed by our Curators to:

  • 🏆Pick the winner of the challenge's cash prize
  • 💸Feature the best photos to buyers for a greater chance to sell

In addition to helping the community, earning a Star 🌟benefits you directly:

  • Easy way to keep track of which Challenges you've voted on
  • ✨Stay tuned for more rewards coming soon...


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