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If you're looking for more details about what has changed with our latest update to your Dashboard and info around your earnings/sold photos read the FAQs.


Welcome to your Dashboard! Your hub to access all of your info on Twenty20, tips & tricks to improve your success, and more!

Quick Links:

1. Access your Gallery to Manage Your Photos

2. View your Top Earning Photos

3. Keep track of your Monthly Performance
- Best Challenge Rank
- Your Monthly Ratings (Emoji)
- Your Top Earning Photos this Month (and Earnings info)


1. Access your Gallery to manage your photos


See a quick summary of your Average Challenge Rank and the number of photos you've had accepted into Twenty20's Signature Collection. Click through this section to edit your public-facing Gallery and to manage your photos.

2. View Your Top Earning Photos


View your all-time earnings and a ranked list of the photos that made it happen.

Pro tip: To make even more money, you can drill in to all of your best photos to make sure they have a strong Title, 10 keywords, and any needed Model Releases. This will help optimize customers being able to find your photos in search and make sure they are Commercially Cleared, which nearly all customers require when they are purchasing.

3. Keep track of your Monthly Performance


Each month, we'll assemble a summary of your activity and performance. You can easily see your Best Challenge Rank, emoji-based Ratings, your Top Selling Photos this Month, and your Earnings amounts. 

Best Challenge Rank:

We start a new photo Challenge everyday, so there are lots of opportunities to get your photos seen by your peers and chances to win cash prizes.

In this section we'll highlight your best performing Challenge entry of the month. See if you can get a personal best!

Your Monthly Ratings:

Your Ratings will reset for each new month and are a great way to keep a pulse on how you're doing with Twenty20.

😩 🙂 😁 🔥

Upload Rating: Add photos to keep your gallery fresh & in demand

When uploading photos, it's critical that you make sure the photo is discoverable by adding accurate, descriptive Title and Keywords.

The #1 tip we can give to earn more on Twenty20 is to add photos with people in them. Great, authentic photos of people are the most desired by buyers because they're relatable and draw attention. Make sure to get Model Releases so that your photos can be approved for sale.

Upload Rating: 😩 🙂 😁 🔥
Titled & Keyworded Photos
(Title & 3+ keywords)
0 5 25 50
Model-Released Photos 0 1 5 10


Community Rating: Engage with the community to get your photos noticed

Twenty20 uses signals from the community to prioritize what content is featured to buyers. The best way to get your photos noticed is by actively participating in the community yourself. Nominate someone else's photo for the Signature Collection, and they'll often return the favor!

Community Rating: 😩 🙂 😁 🔥
Voting Stars Earned 0 2 10 15
Nominations Submitted 0 3 15 30

Your Top Earning Photos This Month:

See a ranked list of all of your photos that have sold so far this month. This is a great tool to see which photos are earning most with customers and learn to upload more similar photos.

By comparing months, you can get a sense of your progress on Twenty20 as well as the seasonality of customer demand.

In this section you will also see your earnings amount for the month and details for each month's payout.


If you're looking for more details about what has changed with our latest update to your Dashboard and info around your earnings/sold photos read the FAQs.

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